5 Pointz Demolition Date – Long Island New York

5 Pointz Demolition Date – Long Island New York


For 20 years, 5pointz has been an abandoned series of factory buildings in Long Island New York, it has also been one of the world’s top Legal graffiti spots, but that looks to be changing.

The owner of the property has plans to demolish and rebuild the building as two high rise flats. At a Queens Community Board 2 meeting in June the residents and members voted unanimously against the demolition plans, however the owner is still moving forward..

Apparently Surveyors have been seen working at the property taking soil samples, and David Wolkoff the building’s owner recently said “All that is left is the City Council”,

The Block will be demolished “by the end of the year, if all goes as planned”

So according to this then the 5 Pointz Demolition Date will be towards the end of the year (2013).

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